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Autogate / Full Height Turnstile / TS-FH-120

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Car Park System

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Technical Specifications



Standard material

SS304 * other materials available upon request


TS-FH-120   : 1530mm(L) x 1300mm(W) x 2350mm(H)
TS-FH-90     : 1530mm(L) x 1300mm(W) x 2350mm(H)
TS-FH-120D : 2300mm(L) x 1300mm(W) x 2350mm(H)
TS-FH-90D   : 2300mm(L) x 1300mm(W) x 2350mm(H)


Automatic self-centering arm preventing over travelling electrically controlled in both directions


Auto reclosing contact sensors

Operation modes

Fire alarm mode, Free egress, fail secure, fail safe (optional with back up battery)

Power supply

Input 230Vac, 50Hz, output 24Vdc

Operation temperature

-10⁰C to +50⁰C

Flow of Passage

25 passages per minute


Indoor / Outdoor

Passage width

Approximately 665mm

Gross weight per cabinet

TS-FH-120 : Approximate 250kg / TS-FH-90 : Approximate 280kg
TS-FH-120D : Approximate 420kg / TS-FH-90D : Approximate 450kg

* Models available : TS-FH-120 / TS-FH-90 / TS-FH-120D / TS-FH-120