In the ever-evolving digital landscape, how can we effectively manage access control and turnstile using high tech security solutions? Why is smart access solution the epitome of security access systems? Is this the turning point for traditional door access? As we dig deeper, we’ll unravel these answers, providing insights into the modern approach of securing entrances and exits.

Dwindling are the days of keys and lock systems as the world shifts to smart security access solutions. A smart security access solution is an automated, user-friendly system that provides controlled access, improved security, and convenience. It is an amalgamation of state-of-the-art technology like AI, IoT, and big data, offering real-time information and multiple access options – cards, keypads, fingerprints, face recognition, etc.

The transition from door access systems to turnstiles presents a revolutionary stride in the world of security. Turnstiles, whether it’s tripod, full-height, or optical models, provide a higher level of security as they deter tailgating and piggybacking. Coupled with advanced identification methods, the security of a facility is significantly enhanced.

Customised solution for everyone

APM provides professional and customised Security Access solution for both software and hardware. Our factory will be able to support different hardware designs and professional software engineer can integrate the system according to customer's requirements.

Professional and experienced R&D team

Strong and well-trained R&D team to support the production which consist of PHD, Masters, Bachelors or Diploma from well-known schools Have done with many projects with government, Commercial Buildings, Industrial Sites, Airports, Schools, Condominiums and Banks Approved Pre-approval vendor for Covid-19 Access Control System One of the government recognized companies which listed on NCSS website for Visitor Management with Temperature Screening solution.