Drop Arm Barrier

Our drop arm barrier is aesthetically pleasing for high rise buildings, government centres, education campuses and corporate headquarters. The barriers are designed and built to withstand rigorous passages while offering graceful passage


  • Programmable dot matrix LED lane indicator with super bright LEDs for viewing.
  • Flushed mounted acrylic cover for readers.
  • Anti crawl sensors can be added to the intrusion alarm, preventing intruders
    from crawling under the arm (optional).
  • Standard safety beam sensors, (optional) Luggage / wheeled chair sensors, as
    additional safety chain.
  • 5 degrees pivoting spring back arm with force entry alarm.
  • Optional anti crawl and tailgating sensors as additional security protection.
  • Additional intrusion functions can be integrated with the in built alarm sirens
    and LED indicators.
  • Spacious internal housing to house all types of access controllers and UPS.


  • Government installations
  • Commercial buildings
  • Semi conductor plants
  • High security facilities
  • Stadium