Kumahira Security Gate

The Kumahira Group has embraced leading-edge technologies to develop high-quality products backed by expertise developed over more than a century since its founding in 1898, yet with an eye firmly on the needs of today.

In addition to its traditional rigid-body products such as safes, bank vaults, record vaults, and gallery vaults, the Group has expanded its product portfolio as a total security company, to now include security gates, in-and-out management systems, digital recording equipment, key management devices, and other system products.

MODE GATE divides the area into open area and important area and controls the passage strictly with beautiful clear sliding glass panels. You feel high security, but the simple design is harmonized with the space inconspicuously and you do not feel any stress.

Kumahira is particular about the details and pursue the finest design and the highest functions. The best security gate gives you a comfortable space performance.


  • Incorrect passage is detectable.
  • Safety sensor.
  • Glass panel bumper.                            
  • Power failure.
  • Obstacle detector.                                
  • Lump-open.
  • Simple-designed body                          
  • Clear tempered glass panels.
  • Free combination of the body (standard (narrow) type / wide type)
  • Effective transaction to access.

The concept of the design is “Compact” and “Secure”. This gate fits where the user needs many aisles of gate with high security.

Even the limited space, make it possible to realize both high security and easy installation.


  • Compact and Secure Design.
  • Comfortable Flap Motion.
  • Simple-designed body harmonized with the space.

UNI GATE is simple and stylish gate. It is much suitable for refined space like a open entrance hall of building which is based on glass decorating design.
It means “not emphasize”, “inconspicuous” and “simple”.
UNI GATE is designed by condensing proper functions and omitting extradecoration. In the end “beauty” came into existence. UNI GATE which pursue “non-decorating” dresses well your entrance


  • Minimal-Design blended with space.
  • Quiet and smooth motion.
  • Effective transaction to access.
  • Incorrect passage is detectable.