Technical Specifications


Card reader


Not included



Both directions



25 people / min. Automatic door mode: Max. 50 people

Necessary time to open/close


Standard(narrow) aisle: 1.4~2.2 sec. Wide aisle: 1.7 ~ 3.0 sec.

Dimensions for the gate body


Standard (narrow) type: W300 x H900 x D1,780 mm

Wide type: W460 x H900 x D1,780 mm

Panel height


1,200 mm/ 1,800 mm over the floor

Dimension of aisles


Standard (narrow) aisle: Changeable within the range 500 ~ 600 mm  
Wide aisle: Changeable within the range 800 ~ 900 mm

Net weight
(Including panel H1800,guide-glass, control device)


Standard (narrow) type: Side gate (main): 215 kgs Side gate (sub): 210 kgs Center gate: 275 kgs

Wide type: Side gate (main): 275 kgs Side gate (sub): 265 kgs Center gate(W): 340 kgs Center gate(NW): 325 kgs

Main materials


Body: Stainless steel, Acrylic acid resin, Polycarbonate Guide glass/ Slide panel/ Fixed panel: Tempered clear glass

Structural members: Galvanizing steel plate, Structural steel, Stainless steel



Stainless: vibration finish



AC100V±10% 50/ 60Hz with grounding

Consuming power


Standard type – Not in use: 31W(0.5A) In use (panel sliding): 61W (1.1A)

Wide type – Not in use: 35W(0.6A) In use (panel sliding): 78W (1.3A)

Power failure


Flap panels can be opened easily with your hands

Operating temperature


0~40℃ Humidity: 85% RH (no condensing)