HikCentral Professional

Key Features

 HikCentral Professional is a flexible, scalable, reliable and powerful central surveillance system. It can be delivered after pre-installed on a server.

HikCentral Professional provides central management, information sharing, convenient connection and multi-service cooperation. It is capable of adding devices for management, live view, storage and playback of video files, alarm linkage, access control, time and attendance, facial identification, and so on.

Live View and Playback

  • Up to 256 channels live view simultaneously
  • Custom window division configurable
  • Viewing maps and real-time events during live view and playback
  • Adding tags during playback and playing tagged video
  • Transcoded playback, frame- extracting playback, and stream type self-adaptive
  • Fisheye Dewarping

Visual Tracking

Recording and Storage

  • Recording schedule for continuous recording, event recording and command recording
  • Storing videos on encoding devices, Hybrid SANs, cloud storage servers, pStors, or in pStor cluster service
  • Providing main storage and auxiliary storage
  • Providing video copy-back
  • Storing alarm pictures on NVRs, Hybrid SANs, cloud storage servers, pStors, or HikCentral server

Event Management

  • Camera linkage, alarm pop-up window and multiple linkage actions
  • Multiple events for video surveillance, access control, resource group, resource maintenance, etc.

Person and Visitor Management

  • Getting person information from added devices
  • Provides multiple types of credentials, including card number, face, and fingerprint, for composite authentications
  • Visitor registration and check-out

Access Control, Elevator Control, and Video Intercom

  • Setting schedules for free access status and access forbidden status of doors or floors
  • Supports multiple access modes for both card reader authentication and person authentication
  • Setting access groups to relate persons, templates, and access points, which defines the access levels of different persons
  • Supports advanced functions such as multi-factor authentication, anti-passback, and multi-door interlocking
  • Controlling door or floor status in real-time
  • Calling indoor station by the Control Client
  • Calling the platform by door station and indoor station, and answering the call by the Control Client

Time and Attendance

  • Setting different attendance rules for various scenarios, such as one-shift and man-hour shift
  • Customizing overtime levels and setting corresponding work hour rate
  • Supports flexible and quick settings of timetables and shift schedule
  • Supports multiple types of reports according to different needs and sending reports to specified emails regularly
  • Sending the original attendance data to a third-party database, thus the client can access third-party T&A and payment system

Supported Database Type   Version  

Microsoft® SQL Server   2008 R2 and above  

PostgreSQL   9.6.2 and above  

MySQL   8.0.11 and above  

Oracle and above  


Features   Maximum Performance  

Devices and Resources  

Cameras   Centralized Deployment: 3,000①

Distributed Deployment: 10,000②

Central System (RSM): 100,000③  

Managed Device IP Addresses

*Including Encoding Devices, Access Control Devices, Elevator Control Devices, Security Control Devices, and Remote Sites   Centralized Deployment: 1,024①

Distributed Deployment: 2,048②  

Video Intercom Devices   1,024  

Alarm Inputs (Including Zones of Security Control Devices)   3,000  

Alarm Outputs   3,000  

Dock Stations   1,500  

Security Radars and Radar PTZ Cameras   30  

Alarm Inputs of Security Control Devices   2,048  

DS-5600 Series Face Recognition Terminals When Applied with Hikvision Turnstiles   32  

Recording Servers   64  

Streaming Servers   64  

Security Audit Server   8  

DeepinMind Server   64  

ANPR Cameras   3,000  

People Counting Cameras   Recommended: 300  

Heat Map Cameras   Recommended: 70  

Thermal Cameras   Recommended: 20④  

Queue Management Cameras   Recommended: 300  

Areas   3,000  

Cameras per Area   256  

Alarm Inputs per Area   256  

Alarm Outputs per Area   256  

Resource Groups   1,000  

Resources in One Resource Group   64  

Recording   Recording Schedule   10,000  

Recording Schedule Template   200  

Event & Alarm   

Event and Alarm Rules   

Centralized Deployment: 3,000

Distributed Deployment: 10,000

Central System (RSM): 10,000  

Storage of Events or Alarms without Pictures   Centralized Deployment: 100/s

Distributed Deployment: 1000/s  

Events or Alarms Sent to Clients

*The clients include Control Clients and Mobile Clients.   120/s

100 Clients/s  

Notification Schedule Templates   200  

Picture   Picture Storage

*Including event/alarm pictures, face pictures, and vehicle pictures.   20/s (Stored in SYS Server)

120/s (Stored in Recording Server)  

Reports   Regular Report Rules   100  

Event or Alarm Rules in One Event/Alarm Report Rule   32  

Records in One Sent Report   10,000 or 10 MB  

Resources Selected in One Report

*With this limitation, you can generate a neat and clear report via the Control Client and it costs less time.   20  

Data Storage   Data Retention Period   Stored for 3 Years