AI Facial Recognition Temperature Screening Attendance for Smart Access

Most reliable and secure intelligent system to help enterprise to effectively monitor on the situation and save manpower.

Key Features

Biometric Contactless Attendance & Class B Temperature Device Integrated with turnstile and SafeEntry API

AI Facial Recognition for fast and accurate detection

Registering TraceTogether APP/SafeEntry APP/Token

OCR Group detection

Vaccination status verification

Remote access via mobile/windows APP/workstation

Cloud or Local data management

Entry Method:

1. OCR detection of TraceTogether check in page

Visitors will scan to check in with SafeEntry QR code and present SafeEntrypage for OCR detection, if is valid, the door will open

2. SafeEntry Gateway device

Visitors can open TaceTogether App and Bluetooth then tap their phone/ Token at the Gateway device, once check-in/ fully-vaccinated is detected, the door will open

3. Scanning of TraceTogether token QR code (no battery)

Visitors can scan the TraceTogether token QR code if the token has run out of battery

4. Facial recognition & SafeEntry auto-upload for registered visitor

For registered staff/residence/visitors, the door will automatically open after facial recognition


  • Contactless and Real-time Temperature Screening for employees, visitors, customers, or students
  • Registering TraceTogether App / Token
  • Built-in Code reader for Bar code, QR code and TraceTogether Token
  • 0.2s Facial Recognition for authorized visitor to enter the door or attendance taking within 0.5-1.5m
  • Build in Light Indicator and Speaker for warning any abnormal body temperature
  • Mask Detection is to ensure people‘s safety so they don’t need to bring down the mask during facialrecognition when using the device
  • Data Storage in both Local or cloud is to prevent file loss and easy access anywhere
  • Remote access via mobile / windows app for management account
  • Group detection for visitors People counting for crowd management 
  • Verify whether fully vaccinated
  • Vehicles Management System to manage carpark control for access to the organization’s premise
  • Blacklisting and Whitelisting is to ensure only the permitted people or vehicles  can enter the area
    Mounts: wall, floor stand, turnstile

Examples on integrating with door access lock / turnstile

Changi Airport T4

Starfitness orchard road



24XFITNESS Paya Lebar


Group Check-In and People counting